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Mission: To Ensure the Success of Every Student
New Office Phone Number: (808) 305-9000
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Kreft, Tami

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Miller, Heidi
2nd Vice-President

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Diwa, Monica

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Calderon, Ruby

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Vera, Maritza
Box Top Co-ordinator

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Parent Teacher Student Organization(PTSO) & School Community Council (SCC)

PTSO eMail: ptso.wheeler.middle.hi@gmail.com

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We urge all parents to become involved in the education of their children. It helps the school to better understand you and your child. How can you help? Here are a few ways:

• Indicate interest in, and support your child’s class work and school activities.

• Join the PTSO and participate in the various activities.

• Volunteer to help as a tutor, in the library, office, lunchroom, or other needed areas.

Any help that you can offer is much appreciated.

For further information, please call the school at 622-6525.
In accordance with Act 51, the Wheeler Middle School Community Council was created to support school improvement and the academic achievement of students through increased community involvement in the school.

Note: We welcome parents to attend and participate in our SCC and PTSO meetings.

Meeting times and location to be determined.
Please call the school office for info: 808.622.6525