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Program of Instruction
The program of instruction at Wheeler Middle Scool is based on the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards followed by all public schools in the State of Hawaii. This standards-based system provides all learners with access to high expectations and challenging curricula. Students have equal access to courses, programs and services of this school.
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This standards-based system consists of required courses (comprising the basic program and elective courses.
The basic program includes Language Arts, Social
Studies, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Health, Guidance, Practical Arts, and Fine Arts.

Elective courses complement the basic program ad give each student the opportunity to select a course of interest.
Middle School Concepts
Wheeler Middle School is designed to specifically meet the developmental needs of early adolescents and set high expectations for academic achievement. Students between the ages of 11 and 14, have unique intellectual, social, physical, and emtional needs.This is also a time when these students begin to "declare their independence" and question who they are.

Middle schools attempt to meet the developmental needs of this very special population by providing nurturing environments, variety in grouping and instruction, interdisciplinary teaming, parent/
community involvement, and a curriculum which includes four components:

1) a core curriculum [LA, SS, Science, Math]
2) an advisory program
3) exploratory programs
4) co-curricular programs
Advisory program
A planned program in which school staff members develop special relationships with their students as
they help them to understand self and others.

Interdisciplinary Team
The purpose of this organizational structure is to have a team of teachers made up of each discipline, working consistently with the same group of students instead of the entire school population. These teachers also
plan their curriculum together so that instructional delivery is consistent, coherent and relevant. Students are provided opportunities to see the connections between curriculum areas. Teaming personalizes schooling to meet the special needs of this age group.

• Exploratory Program
At a time when students are questioning their own identities and their future, this program offers opportunities to explore many options through mini-course on a wide variety of topics by introducing them to areas they may later want to explore more in depth.