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Grade 6 Electives: Course Descriptions [click on title to view contents]

Band (Beginning)-FMB0400 (Year) [Grade 6, 7

A course using band instruments to develop a deeper sense of thinking, feeling and doing music.

After exploration of singing and mouthpieces an instrument will be assigned for further study.
Topics included are music reading, developing instrumental technique, instrument maintenance, listening and reflecting on various selections, relating musical moods to real life.
Regular practice outside of class is useful to ensure success.

This class will perform in evening concert on campus.

Introduction to Newswriting-LJY0400 (Year) Grade 6

This course is designed primarily to develop students’ interest in news writing. Students explore the fundamental principles of news writing and the role of newspapers in a democratic society. In this course students read and write journalistic forms found in newspapers and other periodical literature.

Accuracy and responsibility in news reporting is emphasized. Students will use technology tools in preparing publications.

Requirements: Parent approval of Student Publication/Video Release Form and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Robotics-XWG0002B (Semester) Grade 6

This class is based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) principles and involves long-term class projects.
Basic robotics knowledge and skills will be introduced.

To be paired with Industrial Arts (IA) 6.

Industrial Arts-XWG0002 (Semester) Grade 6

This course is a one-semester introductory course providing students with opportunities to explore a variety of media and techniques in crafts. Students learn about careers and technology and the ways they can be applied to the world in which they live.

Learning experiences involve hands-on activities for creativity, problem solving, collaboration and cooperation in the classroom and shop.

To be paired with Robotics Grade 6.
Lab fees will be assessed at the beginning of each project. Amounts will vary, depending on the project.

WMS Kid Co-TMG0301 (Semester) Grade 6

This course is designed to give students exposure to three aspects of entrepreneurship. Students will experience the Entrepreneurship Cycle of starting a small business, managing the school store, and participating in a Stock Market Investment Game.

Requirements: Parent approval of Student Publication/Video Release Form and Internet Acceptable Use Policy and permission to create a school gmail account.

To be paired with Exploratory Art, Grade 6.

Art (Exploratory)-FVB0015 Semester) Grade 6

A one semester exploratory visual arts course providing students with opportunities to create artwork through a wide range of media and techniques.

Activities include experiences in art production and art appreciation.

To be paired with WMS Kid Co. Grade 6

AVID - TMG1011 (Year) 6

This course is designed to prepare students for college preparatory course work (e.g. Advance Place- ment classes in high school) with emphasis on:

• inquiry
• reflective writing
• organizational and study skills
• note-taking
• research.

Additional procedure required including a written application and interview
Applicant will be notified if they are admitted to the program.
Applications are available in the office.