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Schofield Barracks telephone: (808) 655-9944
Wheeler Middle School: (808) 622-6525 ext 301

• Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service (ASACS)
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A program for military family members in Hawaii. This program provides prevention and treatment programs primarily at Wheeler Middle School (WMS) and within Schofield Barracks.

There is a year-round calendar of activities designed to prevent the onset of substance abuse by middle school teens. Every effort is made to reach 100 per cent of the students at WMS which includes a Peer Awareness Group that allows students to learn healthy communication skills and lifestyles.

• Teachers or school counselors may refer students to the ASACS counselor.
• The counselor will give the student a packet to take home for parents’ approval to participate in the program.
• If parents approve, the student is called into individual or group counseling sessions once a week.
• If not approved, the student is not involved in the program.