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Mission: To Ensure the Success of Every Student
New Office Phone Number: (808) 305-9000
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Schofield Barracks telephone: (808) 655-9944
Wheeler Middle School: (808) 305-9061

• Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service (ASACS)
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Confidential & Voluntary: ASACS (Adolescent Support and Counseling Services) is confidential and free for military dependents. 

Adolescents under the age of fourteen require parental consent for counseling services.  The program helps young people navigate the developmental years by addressing risk factors related to substance use concerns and factors that interrupt positive mental, emotional, and behavioral development. ASACS services are offered throughout the year at WMS and at the Schofield Barracks ASACS office.

- Licensed Providers:  ASACS Counselors are licensed and credentialed, and are privileged through the Medical Command.

-Levels of Care: ASACS provides 2 levels of care as seen below.
• Early Intervention – Services address risk factors that interrupt positive mental, emotional, and behavioral development, as well as early intervention for youth with an onset of substance use.  Youth do not have to be substance involved to benefit from preventive counseling services. Examples of risk factors include a pattern of disruptive behavior, academic failure/truancy/lack of commitment to school, impulse control, depression/anxiety, social or coping skills challenges, social media/gaming related problems, family management concerns, difficulty negotiating a key life transition such as the move from middle to high school, or adapting to a new location. 
• Outpatient Treatment – Tailored to each client’s level of severity, and designed to address concerns with youth assessed as having signs and symptoms consistent with a substance related disorder.

-Prevention: ASACS promotes healthy adolescent development through prevention education by focusing on protective factors identified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) such as self-worth, social competence, positive support, school connectedness and parental support.  Prevention groups may occur in the classroom, afterschool or at the ASACS Schofield Barracks office.
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