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Mission Statement:
Malama I Na Haumana "Care for the Students"
Follow up Surveys:
• 6-Week
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With support from JVEF
(Joint Venture Education Forum)

Ms. M. Tagudin
(808) 305-9109

The Transition Center provides an orientation experience that is designed to support the needs of students and families who are new to Wheeler Middle School. In the “Spirit of Aloha”, we want to make your recent move to our school as comfortable and informative as possible. The Transition Center is responsible for placement testing, familiarizing students with school regulations and procedures, and for conducting campus tours. While it is mandatory that students come through The Transition Center, it is a fun and lively environment that will make your student feel welcome on their first day of school.

Our Transition Center is open
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:30am to 2:00pm. Transition Coordinators greet the new students in the office and take them to the Transition Center. During their time in the Transition Center, students take necessary math placement tests and reading assessments. We spend time reviewing the Student Handbook. The students need to complete the handbook and have a parent or guardian sign the handbook and then return it to school, so please ask them about it when they come home. The students get their school ID cards so that they can begin using the cafeteria, library and bus system. The students may choose to eat lunch in the cafeteria, take a home lunch out doors or they can eat in the Transition Center. After lunch the students are given their schedules and are taken on a tour of the school which helps them locate their classes. Most days students are finished in the Transition Center in time to attend their last two classes of the day.

After students have been in school for about three weeks we invite them back to the Transition Center and ask them to complete a brief survey letting us know how they are doing and how they are adjusting to the new school and students. At six weeks this process is duplicated. They are encouraged to evaluate the school as well as the Transition Center at these times. The feedback we get from them is so valuable in making the transition to Wheeler Middle School easier for students who come in after them.

Students are welcome in the Transition Center anytime. If they can’t find classes, feel lost or just need to talk about any issue the door is always open for them. We enjoy spending time with them and seeing them throughout their journey at Wheeler Middle School.

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Notice of Nondiscrimination: Wheeler Middle School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:
Principal of Wheeler Middle School, 2 Wheeler Army Air Field, Wahiawa, HI 96786