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Grade 8

  • English - Core Classes
  • Math - Core Classes
  • Science - Core Classes
  • Social Studies - Core Classes
  • Exploratory Wheel
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Core Classes -LCY0300 English Language Arts Grade 8 (Year)
This course emphasizes and integrates all areas of the language arts.

In this course, reading, writing, and oral communication processes are experienced as interrelated and interactive processes. with a focus on non-fiction reading.

Students develop their ability to use language for:
• communication
• learning and reflection
• personal and social fulfillment.

They improve their ability to use written and spoken language for a variety of purposes and audiences.

They come to understand the many facets of human experience through literature.
Core Classes -LWH0630 Writing Workshop Grade 8 (Semester 1 and 2)
This course supports students’ development as writers in 4 types of writing:
• description
• narration
• exposition
• ersuasion.

Students will learn how to generate ideas, connect thinking and writing to their personal experiences, and problem solve and make decisions with regard to their writing.

Time will be given to:
• discover ideas
• research information,
• put ideas on paper
• discuss ideas and problems
• explore strategies to solve those problems and revise and edit writing for publication.
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Core Classes -MMX0850 Mathematics 8 (Year)
This course is required for all students in Grade 8.

Emphasis on developing proficiency with concepts and skills in:
• Number System
• Expressions and Equations
• Functions
• Geometry
• Statistics and Probability.
Core Classes -MAX0800 ** Algebra I
Content includes nonlinear functions, exponents, products and factors of polynomials, quadratic equations, the real number system, and radical expressions.

Students are recommended for this class based on set criteria.
Core Classes -MMP0800 ** Math Practicum 8 (Semester 1)
This course is designed for students to acquire in-depth knowledge of mathematical concepts in each of the mathematical strands:

• Number Systems,
• Expressions and Equations,
• Functions
• Geometry
• Statistics and Probability.

This course is supplemental to the required mathematics course.
Core Classes -MMW0800 ** Math Workshop 8 (Semester 2)
This course is designed for students who need to strengthen their understanding of mathematical concepts in each of the mathematical strands:

• Number Systems
• Expressions and Equations
• Functions, Geometry
• Statistics and Probability.

This course is supplemental to the required mathematics course.
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Core Classes -SIM0603 Science 8 (Year)
This is a year long inquiry and laboratory-based course that uses scientific inquiry and the relationships between science-technology-society to understand:
• continental drift and plate tectonics
• rocks and the rock cycle,
• seismic waves
• mechanical waves
• physical characteristics of the ocean
• ocean currents
• weather patterns
• the effects of the physical environment on organisms
• movements of Earth and moon
• movements of the planets
• forces and motion of the universe
• the electromagnetic spectrum
• composition of the galaxy
• and the major components of the universe.

Students are to meet all benchmarks in Grade 8 Science Content Standards.
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Core Classes -CHU0800 Social Studies Grade 8 (Year)
This course engages students in in-depth historical inquiry focusing on the people, ideas, and events that have shaped and continue to shape our nation.

It allows students to examine our history through multiple perspectives and to develop empathy, interpretations, and self-knowledge for a deep understanding of American society.

This course examines in depth the philosophical and historical foundations of America through themes such as immigration, settlement, and conflict, and democratic principles such as justice, equality, and independence.
Tab 5
Students will choose to explore 4 out of the 5 different areas of the following courses:
• Family & Consumer Science
• Physical Education
• Technology
• Mad Science
• Leadership

Students will rotate quarterly. Listed are brief descriptions of the courses.

TMG0300 Family & Consumer Science: Students will focus on developing a positive self-concept by using effective communication skills in peer and family relationships. Instructional activities may include: applying effective decision-making and management skills in the consumer market, analyzing the importance of nutrition and how it relates to good health, applying food preparation and meal management principles in preparing and serving meals.
Requirements: 100% on Kitchen Safety Test.
* Lab Fees will be assessed during the quarter. Amount will vary depending on the grade level ($5.00 - $10.00)

• PEP0010 Physical Education: This course will focus on physical fitness, conditioning and testing, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and sports and games with an emphasis on teamwork through participation in a variety of physical activity experiences.

TNG0500 Technology: Students will be exposed to the basics of keyboarding, word processing, presentation tools, and internet usage and safety, and suport clasroom technology initiatives.
Requirements: Parent approval of Student Publication/Video Release Form and Internet Acceptable Use Policy and permission to create a school gmail account.

XWG0012M Mad Science: This course is inquiry and laboratory based and supports the 8th grade science curriculum.
The modules include:
• Earth History
• Planetary Science
• Weather
• Water

XWG0012L Leadership: This course is designed to help students develop leadership skills by focusing on:
• goal-setting
• teamwork and communication
• decision making and problem solving
• self-awareness
• the qualities of an effective leader.

*Exploratory Wheel courses subject to change pending teacher allocation
Elective Classes