Wheeler Middle School

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Program of Instruction
The program of instruction at Wheeler Middle Scool is based on the Hawaii Common Core Standards followed by all public schools in the State of Hawaii. This standards-based system provides all learners with access to high expectations and challenging curricula.

Students have equal access to courses, programs and services of this school.

General Learner Outcome (GLO)

1. Be responsible for their own learning.
2. Work well with others.
3. Engage in complex thinking and problem solving.
4. Recognize quality performance and produce quality products.
5. The ability to use a variety of communication skills to function effectively.
6. Use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically.

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This standards-based system consists of required courses (comprising the basic program and elective courses.

The basic program includes:
• Language Arts
• Social Studies
• Mathematics
• Science
• Fine Arts

Elective courses complement the basic program ad give each student the opportunity to select a course of interest.