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Teachers at
Wheeler Middle School
2018 - 2019

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Staff Photo

Lim, Jaelin
Grade 6: Inclusion

Staff Photo

Fettig, Jenna
Grade 7: Inclusion

Staff Photo

Kreft, Tami
Grade 7: Inclusion

List of Teachers

Grade 6
• Alsbergas, Mark (English/Social Studies)
• Balogh, Magdeline (Math / Science)
Kawano, Lindsey (English)
• Lim, Jaelin (Math / Science)
• Luzania, Anna (Math / Science)
• McAlister, Sarah (English/Social Studies)
• Quinonez, Carla (English/Social Studies)
• Rumi, Alavi(Math/Science)
• Smee, Ryan (Math / Science)
• Smith, Carly (English/Social Studies)
• Szpyrka, Alejandra (Math / Science)
• Tadaki, Erin (Math / Science) (on leave)
• Tex, Nicole (Math / Science)
• Yatogo, Keri Ann (English/Social Studies)
Grade 8
Chun, Branson (Math/Science)
• Gaccione, Elizabeth (Inclusion)
• Jester, Hailey (Math/Science)
• Lim, Jaelin (Inclusion)
• Lopez, Rebecca (Math/Science)
• Olausen, Michael (English/Social Studies)
Sale, Skyla (English/Social Studies)
Schneider, Megan (Math/Science)
Shutley, Michael (Math/Science)
• Stalter, Cole (English/Social Studies)
• Strausbaugh, Tandice (English/Social Studies)
Grade 7
• Dolgopolova, Olga (English/Social Studies)
• Fettig, Jenna (Inclusion)
• Hall, Michael (English/Social Studies)
• Harkey, Allison (English/Social Studies)
• Kimmel, Madeline (Math/Science)
• Kreft, Tami (Inclusion)
• Nepshinsky, Megan (Math/Science)
• Ozawa, Todd (English/Social Studies)
• Parsons, Athnony (English/Social Studies)
• Tachiyama, Vincent (Resource)
• Tanner, Lauren (Math/Science)
• Weathersbee, James (English/Social Studies)
Fine Arts
• Falzarano, William (Science Wheel)
• Ikehara, Brett (Band)
• Lee, Cherylann (Multi-Media)
• Lee, Michelle (Newswriting/Yearbook)
• Mori, Shirley (Industrial Arts)
• Morimoto, Kim (Leadership)
• Murata, Sheilynn (Home Economics)
• Okemura, Lori (A.V.I.D.)
• Wada-Goode, Jennifer (Art)
• Watanabe, Zachary (Robotics)
• Yap, Paul (PE)
Other Certified Staff
• Arios, Dante (Tech Coordinator)
• Hamilton, Scott (Curriculum Coach: Grade 7)
• Lin, Teri Ann (Curriculum Coach: Grade 6)
• Morimoto, Kim (Student Activities Coordinator)
• Wagner, Joseph (Curriculum Coach: Grade 8)
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Notice of Nondiscrimination: Wheeler Middle School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:
Principal of Wheeler Middle School, 2 Wheeler Army Air Field, Wahiawa, HI 96786