Wheeler Middle School

Ensuring Success for Every Student Since 1968 - Phone: (808) 305-9000

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Wheeler Middle School Courtyard

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Wheeler Middle School is located on 11 acres of State property within Wheeler Army Air Field in the midst of the Koolau and Waianae Mountains.

Our school has three two-story buildings, with facilities for music, art, science, industrial arts, and physical education.

The faculty is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students through middle school components. They strive to provide an exemplary education for our 6th through 8th graders.

Our school has been accredited for a period of 6 years (2016-2022) by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges. The Wheeler Middle School faculty and staff hope that all middle level learners will enjoy their time of exploration and learning.
Major Sheldon Wheeler Middle School is part of the Leilehua Complex.

The schools in the Leilehua Complex are:
Daniel K. Elementary School (on Schofield Barracks)
Helemano Elementary School (in Wahiawa town)
Iliahi Elementary School (in Wahiawa town)
Leilehua High School (in Wahiawa town)
Solomon Elementary School (on Schofield Barracks)
Wahiawa Elementary School (in Wahiawa town)
Wahiawa Middle School (in Wahiawa town)
Wheeler Elementary School (on Wheeler Army Air Field)
• Wheeler Middle School (on Wheeler Army Air Field)
Alma Mater

From the Waianae to the Koolau Mountains
Stands A School With Rightful Pride
Where We Strive For Truth and Beauty
In Everything We Try;

Hail! Mighty Spartans
With Banners Blue and White
All Hail! to Wheeler
All Hail! Hail! Hail!

The Mission of Wheeler Middle School

To Ensure the Success of Every Student

The Vision of Wheeler Middle School

Wheeler Middle School is a community where students:
• meet high expectations
• are life long learners
• make responsible decisions and healthy choices
• practice good citizenship