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Mission: To Ensure the Success of Every Student
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Office Phone Number: (808) 305-9000
FAX: (808) 622-6529

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Infinite Campus Portal information- here
Smart 911 - create a free Safety profile for your household.
When anyone in that household dial 9-1-1 from a phone associated with their Safety Profile, their profile is immediately displayed to the 9-1-1 call taker.

Details and info here.

New staff members

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Staff member
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Constantino, Emily
Rm E-01
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Staff member
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Dow, Sulva
Rm E-06
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Staff member
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Hall, Michael
Rm D-03
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Staff member
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Brewin, Nicole
Rm D-11
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Staff member
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Mangan, Magdeline
Rm D-02
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Staff member
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Manley, Charisse
Rm E-14
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Staff member
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Sale, Skyla
Rm F-02
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Staff member
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Basug, Lynele
VP - Office
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Staff member
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Schneider, Megan
Rm F-01
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Staff member
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Smith, Carly
Rm E-15
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Staff member
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Tanner, Lauren
Rm E-10
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Staff member
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Wagner, Joseph
Rm E-09
Having issues with your GAFE account / Google Docs / Google Drive?
here for system status.

Leaving Wheeler Middle School?
Archive / transfer your data i
nstructions here.
Homeroom Representative informational
Stop Bullying Video here.
Fine Arts informational videos
For videos, go here.

Aloha Ambassadors
Luncheon 5/19/16

School Volunteers :
Appreciation Video
Teacher Meeting Schedule

• Oct. 19 Grade Level
• Oct. 26 Department
Wednesday Schedule

Oct. 19 Odd
Oct. 26 Even
Eisntein Quote
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Office Hours
7:00 am - 4:00 pm
(Monday - Friday)
Closed on Federal & State Holidays
Absences: (808) 305-9000
Counselors: go here
Health Room: (808) 305-9011
Transportation (Bus): (808) 622-0537
New: Effective January 1, 2016
Any possession and/or use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) will be considered a Class C offense under the Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Title 8, Chapter 19 Student Misconduct, Disciple, School Searches and Seizures, Reporting Offenses, Police Interviews and Arrests, and Restitution for Vandalism.
See the full memo
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School visitation policy:
"Any person shall be encouraged to visit schools throughout the school year, but such visits should be made after prior consultation with the schools in order not to disrupt the planned activities of the schools and classrooms and any visit shall conform to the regulations, directves, and guidelines of the department." BOE Policy 1720-4)

In accordance with this policy, visitors to our school are more than welcome to visit our campus. Please stop by the administration office to sign in and pick up a visitor's pass. If you'd like a to visit a specific classroom, please notify the classroom teacher ahead of time to ensure minimal disruption of planned activities.

School Community Council (SCC)
We welcome parents to attend and participate in our School Community Council meetings.
SCC meetings - 3rd Monday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the office conference room.
Students MUST bring school IDs to school.
School ID's are needed for:
• cafeteria meals
• the Library
• the school bus
School Google Links:
Notes via the web
RoadRunner mail

Tech Help Desk
(must be logged into your school Google account)
More Links
Infinite Campus - SIS
(Student Information System)

Hawaii DOE District ID:
(needed for Apple iOS or Android device app)

Parents/Student log-in
Teacher/Staff log-in

Intranet for DOE Staff
(log-in req’d)

SIS Collaboration Site
SIS Access Request Form & Instructions
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Maximo (New Link)